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14 March, 2022

Exploring Ransomware History and Origins Are Key To Understanding Modern Tactics

Ransomware attacks are increasing at an alarming rate worldwide. In response, knowledge of ransomware history and ransomware origins must also increase. This will help you respond better if y
Cary Kostka
11 March, 2022

A Ransomware/Cybersecurity Protection Checklist

The world has watched as the conflict unfolded in Ukraine. With the messaging from the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and other government entities around the wo
Kirstie Failey
10 March, 2022

Ransomware Tabletop Exercise: A Real-World Example

In Part One of my series on ransomware tabletops, a company was caught unprepared when hit with a real ransomware attack. Fortunately for them, their tape backups weren’t affected by th
Chris Minnick
09 March, 2022

When Ransomware Strikes Twice—on the Same Day

What’s worse than being hit by a ransomware attack out of the blue? In early December, a Canadian organization discovered the answer in the worst possible way: get ransomed by a second, ent
John E. Dunn
08 March, 2022

5 Tips for Building a Cybersecurity Career as a Woman

I’m Lindsay, a malware analyst and reverse engineer, with a special enthusiasm for obfuscation and anti-reverse engineering techniques used in malware! I am also a woman in the field of cyb
Lindsay Kaye
07 March, 2022

The Rise of ‘Triple Extortion’ Creates Long-Term Risks For Victims

For the longest time ransomware attackers stuck to extorting ransoms by encrypting the files of victims in return for an “unlock” key. As backup and disaster recovery made that less effec
John E. Dunn
02 March, 2022

Protecting Active Directory Against Ransomware

Despite the seismic transition to cloud computing, 90% of Global Fortune 1,000 companies still rely on on-premises Active Directory (AD) for authentication and access management. While startu
Brad Rudisail
01 March, 2022

Beat Ransomware with Recoverware

Sponsored Post – Ransomware Recovery How a focus on recovery changes the outcome of ransomware attacks Data is one of the most valuable resources in business these days, and it is at th
David Paquette
01 March, 2022

Be Prepared: Ransomware Active Directory Protection

Active Directory (AD) is at the heart of Windows networks. That means AD is also a prime target for ransomware actors, who would love nothing more than gaining control over it. The good news
Brad Rudisail
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