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Chris Minnick

Chris Minnick has been a full stack software developer, author, trainer, and consultant for over two decades. He has taught at many of the world’s largest companies as well as at conferences, public libraries, co-working spaces, and meetups. Minnick has authored and co-authored over a dozen technical books for adults and kids; including HTML and CSS for Dummies, Coding with JavaScript for Dummies, React JS Foundations, JavaScript for Kids, Adventures in Coding, and Writing Computer Code.
Recent posts by Chris Minnick

An essential element in being prepared to respond to cyber attacks, and ransomware attacks in particular, is to close the biggest and most easily breached hole in an any organization’s firewall —well-intentioned internal users who fall victim to phishing attacks. Phishing attacks work by tricking users into clicking links or opening email attachments that install […]

In Part One of my series on ransomware tabletops, a company was caught unprepared when hit with a real ransomware attack. Fortunately for them, their tape backups weren’t affected by the attack, and they lost less than a day’s worth of data. Who Do We Fire? The new CTO wanted to know who was to […]

It’s common for companies to discover too late that it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” they’ll be hit by a malware attack. It’s also too common for companies to find themselves unprepared when it does happen. But how do you prepare for a worst case scenario? An All-Too-Real Ransomware Attack On Monday morning, […]

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