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24 March, 2022

Ransomware Variants and How To Prevent Them

Ransomware has grown into a category unto itself, and the variety will only continue growing. Let’s look at some common strains and how to deal with them. The Most Common Variants Encryptor
James Panetti
23 March, 2022

A New Ransomware Tactic: DDoS VoIP Phone Systems and VPNs

Using the threat of distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to pressure victims into paying ransoms appears to be back on the menu for ransomware attackers, new evidence suggests. Accord
John E. Dunn
22 March, 2022

Ransomware Expands Into the Linux Market

Ransomware gangs are doing something right now that is standard procedure for most businesses: expanding their customer base. These aren’t willing customers, however–ransomware organizati
Brad Rudisail
21 March, 2022

‘Let’s Make a Deal’ Ransomware

Are ransomware groups willing to negotiate with victims on reduced fees? In the case of AvosLocker, the answer seems to be yes. BleepingComputer recently linked to a joint cybersecurity advis
Keith Ward
18 March, 2022

Does Ransomware Affect Linux?

Statistics can be misleading, because they often only tell a part of the story. For instance, it is a fact that there are far fewer traffic fatalities involving Aston Martin owners than there
Brad Rudisail
17 March, 2022

The First Ransomware Attack: Lessons Learned from History

It may come as a surprise to many that ransomware is now entering its fourth decade of existence. The first known occurrence of ransomware, called the AIDS Trojan, was released in 1989. With
Cary Kostka
16 March, 2022

The Surprisingly Short Life of a Ransomware Threat Group

How many ransomware threat groups have become household names over the last decade? The answer, surprisingly, is none. Ransomware groups typically spring from nowhere, achieve a degree of not
John E. Dunn
16 March, 2022

More Phishing Attacks = More Ransomware

ActualTech Media moderators David Davis and Scott Bekker had an interesting discussion recently about phishing attacks and how prevalent they remain. This has special relevance to ransomware,
Keith Ward
15 March, 2022

How To Create a Phishing Tabletop Exercise

An essential element in being prepared to respond to cyber attacks, and ransomware attacks in particular, is to close the biggest and most easily breached hole in an any organization’s
Chris Minnick
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