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Brad Rudisail

Brad Rudisail is a technical writer specializing in delivering complex technical subjects in a palatable format to tech-savvy business leaders. His understanding of technology comes from 20-plus years in the IT field as a network engineer, IT manager, and instructor.
Recent posts by Brad Rudisail

Sponsored Post: Palo Alto Networks. One of the most impactful cybersecurity strategies an organization can employ is the use of tabletop exercises. These simulated ‘what-if’ scenarios are not exclusive to the realm of cybersecurity. For example, coastal cities practice evacuation plans for potential storms, while police forces run drills in preparation for terrorist attacks. In […]

Sponsored Post: Nasuni The greater the leverage, the greater the chance a ransomware attack will prove successful. An attacker gains leverage in two ways. The first is reach. The more operational services that can be disrupted, the more power. The second is financial risk. Every minute that a company is down represents a minute of […]

Sponsored Post: Nasuni Ransomware is a term that strikes fear in the minds of many CIOs and Technology Directors. While not a death sentence, it can certainly seem so as downtime turns from minutes, into hours or even days. During that time, operations grind to a complete stop or at least slow down as digital […]

I love to use analogies, so when I was asked to put together an article comparing honeypots vs. honeynets, I immediately thought of the word “fish.” Fish is an interesting word, in that it can denote a single fish: “I caught a fish this morning,” or multiple ones: “I caught almost a dozen fish yesterday.” […]

While we still refer to them as ransomware attacks, such incidents are no longer just about encrypting the files of a targeted victim. Ransomware attacks today are about gaining leverage on someone using whatever means necessary to get paid. The principle of a double extortion strategy is simple. If the first extortion approach isn’t producing […]

In the past decade we have seen cybersecurity companies releasing new products under the category of “deception technology.” For industry veterans, these solutions sound a lot like honeypots. Honeypots are in fact an early form of deception technology, back before there was a category name for it. Honeypots and deception technology appliances share the same […]

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