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March 29, 2023
Ferrari Admits Second Data Breach In Six Months

Ferrari, the world-famous makers of elite sports cars, just suffered a significant data breach caused by ransomware.The news emerged in an apologetic letter sent in English to customers on March 20:“We regret to inform you of a cyber incident at Ferrari where a threat actor was able to access a limited number of systems in […]

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March 28, 2023
Thinking Strategically About Ransomware Recovery

Sponsored Post: Joel Reich, Board Member, NasuniThe menace of ransomware is driving increased security spending, as organizations try to harden their systems against potential attacks. But ransomware is a new kind of threat. You can’t simply deploy tools to defend against the malware—you have to design your infrastructure for recovery.There are two reasons for this. […]

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March 22, 2023
Leaked Chats Provide a Look Behind the Curtain of Ransomware Negotiations

On Jan. 10, Britain’s Royal Mail was hit by a ransomware attack that will probably be used as an example in security conference slide presentations for years to come.On the surface, this was a fairly standard ransomware attack on a large company—in this case, the overseas mail department of a company that delivers around 8 […]

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March 20, 2023
Phishing Is Still Easy—and Effective

In the world of security oldies-but-goodies, nothing beats phishing. It's a problem that goes back to the early days of the mass-online world.The term "phishing" dates back to 1995 in the malware "AOHell," which included "a fisher [sic] that allows a user to pose as an AOL official and ask new members for passwords or […]

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March 14, 2023
The Economics of Ransomware Are Shifting

“What if everyone just stopped paying ransomware?” asked almost everyone, after more than a decade of governments and information security experts began begging them to ask that question. It turns out that things go badly for ransomware gangs when this happens. The article goes into some detail about economic trends in the ransomware space, and […]

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March 10, 2023
Beware the Ire of Ex-employees

Hundreds of thousands of technologists have been laid off in the United States alone over the past year—something that’s been noticed, of course, in other countries. In most cases, the companies laying tech workers off are simultaneously posting significant or even record profits, and this has led some frustrated individuals to weaponize ransomware against their […]

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