20 September, 2023

As Las Vegas Gaming Giants Are Raided by Ransomware, the Romance of ‘Ocean’s 11’ Is Long Gone

Ever since gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931, very little has stood in the way of an industry that never seems to run short of customers with money to lose in its nearly 300 casinos. T
John Dunn
14 September, 2023

Ransomware Breach at Government Supplier Started with ‘Rogue’ Windows 7 PC

In what might sound like an unremarkable incident, in early August a single PC in a factory in Wolverhampton, U.K., was compromised by malware connected to the notorious LockBit ransomware gr
John Dunn
07 September, 2023

Search Engine Peril: Ransomware Using Malvertising To Trap New Victims

Of all the root causes of ransomware, malicious advertising (malvertising) is probably not a threat vector most CISOs lose much sleep over. Malvertising, it is assumed, is old school: Crimina
John Dunn
05 September, 2023

Why Rapid and Complete Containment Is Key To Recovering from a Ransomware Attack

Sponsored Post: Nasuni Although many criminals often return to the scene of their crimes for macabre reasons, cybercriminals often return to the scene of a successful ransomware attack for mo
Larry Miller
31 August, 2023

Will the U.K.’s Early Warning System Turn the Tide on Ransomware?

Earlier this year, Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) published some promising figures for its Early Warning service set up to give U.K. organizations a rapid heads-up about de
John Dunn
28 August, 2023

When It Comes to Ransomware Recovery, Seconds Count

Sponsored Post: Nasuni | Ransomware attacks have unfortunately become a pervasive and common occurrence for modern organizations. According to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 73 percent of o
Larry Miller
25 August, 2023

Could Passkeys Finally Mean the End of Passwords?

For years, we’ve known how to eliminate passwords, but it was too hard for users. There may now be an accessible way for the average user. Or maybe not. On any list of priorities made by se
Larry Seltzer
24 August, 2023

The DOJ Seizes a Ransomware ‘Bulletproof’ Hosting Provider—Why Doesn’t This Happen More Often?

Readers will doubtless have heard the phrase “Ransomware as a Service” (aka RaaS). The ransomware part of that term gets a lot of coverage but what about the service? Ransomware services,
John Dunn
17 August, 2023

Ransomware Group Rhysida Becomes Latest Summer Blockbuster

If there was ever a summer where ransomware has played out like a pastiche of the Hollywood movie industry, 2023 serves as an unwelcome example. This might sound flippant but there are instru
John Dunn
17 August, 2023

Why Is the Healthcare Industry so Vulnerable to Ransomware?

Sponsored Post: Tapan Mehta – Global Leader – Healthcare Strategy & Solutions – Palo Alto Networks Healthcare providers around the world are reimagining the patient expe
Tapan Mehta
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