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Kirstie Failey

Kirstie is a Senior Threat Analyst at Mandiant. As a part of the Advanced Practices team, she works with a rroup of more than 40 individuals to understand, track and know more about our adversaries than anyone else and make this knowledge actionable for Mandiant.
Recent posts by Kirstie Failey

Ransomware moves fast—so fast that there’s a new statistic that security companies are using, called “Time-to-Ransom,” or TTR. This can be defined as the time between initial compromise of the first system and the execution of ransomware. Ransomware executables, for example, can be programmed to worm through environments using system exploits like BlueKeep or leveraging […]

The world has watched as the conflict unfolded in Ukraine. With the messaging from the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and other government entities around the world flagging organizations to enter a full “Shields Up” approach, the information security community continues to watch for fallout from the ever-changing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  […]

Ransomware, at its core, is structured to be as loud as possible. Threat actors rely on the ability to impact as many systems as possible, as quickly as possible, to incentivize their victims to pay the asking demand to get back up and running as fast as they can. While there are many different threat […]

Victim notifications are exactly what they sound like—a notification that you have fallen victim to something. In the ever-changing world of cybersecurity, victim notifications happen more frequently as better detections and collaborations in the security industry lead to vulnerabilities either privately being disclosed to a product company or publicly being highlighted for the community.  Victim […]

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