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Cary Kostka

Cary Kostka is an experienced IT professional with a passion for technology and writing. He has managed IT projects and has written concise technical content for businesses of all sizes, from large-scale enterprises to sole proprietorships. Cary has a passion for history and the outdoors and can be often be found enjoying these pursuits with his wife.
Recent posts by Cary Kostka

In early August 2022, the McAfee Mobile Research team identified a new virus, called HiddenAds, making its way through the Google Play store. According to the McAfee researchers, this virus has already affected more than one million users, a number expected to increase in the coming weeks. How Does HiddenAds Work? Attackers, taking advantage of […]

Ransomware attackers know that industries with the most to lose are often the best targets, since the greater the potential disruption of that industry, the greater their chances of getting paid. It’s why hospitals and health care systems are a target, and schools and even sovereign governments are under constant assault. One of the least […]

One form of ransomware quickly making a name for itself is cryptojacking. With this type of attack, bad actors work to take over any system with processing power for the purpose of harnessing it to mine for cryptocurrency. How Does Cryptojacking Work? Crypto, or coin mining, is a popular activity in which the person doing […]

The stereotypical profile of a hacker in his parents’ basement developing and launching attacks can officially be put to rest. The geopolitical nature of executing attacks against states or those supporting a state have taken a prime position in the arena of ransomware. Whether individual vendettas, hacker groups looking to exploit political situations for boasting […]

Attackers have increased their attacks against Linux-based devices over the past year, taking advantage of several key factors. From general complacency to the hyperconnectivity of the public cloud or Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it has become easier to initiate an attack against Linux infrastructures. That’s why it’s crucial for Linux administrators and users to […]

Once upon a time, Linux was thought of as being the most secure from ransomware of all operating systems. This reputation stemmed from its relatively low adoption rate when compared to Microsoft Windows, and the lack of Linux-based programming skills within the general IT community. However, ransomware developers have an uncanny knack for quickly bounding […]

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