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James Panetti

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I previously explained how zero trust’s objectives and principles can prepare you for a ransomware attack. Let’s now talk about actual implementation via microsegmentation. What Microsegmentation Is, and Isn’t Microsegmentation is all about breaking your network into segments. Don’t confuse it with the old network segmentation; we’re not talking about firewalls with rules built around […]

In my last post, I explained what the zero trust model is, its three core objectives, and how it can prepare you for even the most unpredictable ransomware attacks. Today, let’s explore the three principles that fulfill those objectives. Inevitable Breaches As I explained previously, the foundation of the zero trust model is the assumption […]

We write a lot about how to prevent ransomware attacks, and though prevention is the best defense, there’s no such thing as perfect security. Is your network prepared to withstand a ransomware attack that’s slipped past the gates? The “Zero Trust” model offers a solution to ensure your organization can bounce back quickly, even after […]

Ransomware targeting VMware hosts is rapidly on the rise, and Black Basta is one of the latest jumping on the bandwagon. Like most ransomware, this relative newcomer first targeted Windows systems, but the Uptycs Threat Research team recently discovered a fresh Linux variant a few months later, developed by the same authors, which specifically targets […]

I recently outlined the many methods of ransomware infection to showcase the ways ransomware can gain a foothold. Cheerscrypt adds yet another: VMware ESXi servers, which many organizations rely on to host virtual machines (VMs) for many different functions. Much like RDP Ransomware, VM ransomware targets the host so that the damage spreads exponentially to […]

A reliable backup process is the backbone of any disaster recovery plan. But what type of backup is superior when it comes to ransomware recovery? Are the old tried-and-true physical backups the superior option, or is backing up to the cloud the way to go? Physical Backups: Limited Access, but a Hot Target Physical backups, […]

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