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“This is absolutely a ‘must have’ for any security professional (Blue Teams, CISOs) that wants to understand the ransomware problem, how the adversaries execute the intrusions and many techniques to counteract the attacks.”
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Many organizations pay ransomware criminals, while anecdotal evidence suggests an increasing number don’t. But until recently, the consensus was that the decision to pay or not pay should be left to the victim. Now it looks as if this choice might soon be taken away with the news that the Biden administration is considering banning […]

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An odd characteristic of cybercrime is that it’s almost always disembodied. Crimes are perpetrated by someone out there but precisely who is only rarely made clear. This mystery can confuse victims. The history of crime is a long one but until recently it was a much more human-to-human affair, conducted in person. This didn’t make […]

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What’s the worst thing a ransomware attack can do to an organization? For a long time, the answer to that question was to encrypt large numbers of files so that the victim would have to choose between spending weeks reinstating data or paying the ransom as a shortcut. Around four years ago, attackers turned to […]

Everything You Need to Know About Ransomware

Is Your Organization Prepared?
Sum up the current overview sections on the homepage in a couple short paragraphs and direct to evergreen content. How does ransomware work? It starts with a vulnerability on your network. That vulnerability can take many forms: a phishing email that someone opens, a compromised password, or a malicious website a worker is convinced to visit. And the less secure an organization’s IT infrastructure, the more likely it is to be victimized by ransomware.

Learn more about the threat of ransomware and make sure your organization is prepared in case of an attack.

Ransomware in the News

Ransomware news is everywhere these days. It’s nearly impossible for a week to go by without reading or hearing about another company that was hit by an attack. Unfortunately, the ransomware news isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon.

Stay on top of what is happening in the world of Ransomware actors with our ransomware news feed.

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