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Ransomware: Understand. Prevent. Recover
“This is absolutely a ‘must have’ for any security professional (Blue Teams, CISOs) that wants to understand the ransomware problem, how the adversaries execute the intrusions and many techniques to counteract the attacks.”
- Reviewer

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Ransomware’s After You—But
You Don’t Have To Be a Victim

Ransomware. The very name strikes fear in the heart of organizations. This type of malware attack isn’t new, but it’s more popular than ever, and spreading.

The scourge of ransomware is now in the news on a weekly basis, as companies all over the world—big and small, public and private—won- der if it will be their company in the headlines next. It’s a legitimate, and growing, fear, as the attackers get more sophisticated and automated attacks become more common.

The good news is that you can fight back. Things like cloud-based backup and disaster recovery, better detection methods, and new ways to help employees recognize threats are making organizations safer every day.

Another way to make yourself more ransomware resistant is through this book, which covers everything you need to know about how ransomware works, how to prepare for it, and how to defeat it when it comes for you.

Key Second Edition Updates:

  • Many ransomware groups have been disbanded. Does that mean they’re really gone?
  • The rise of non-encryption-based ransomware demands, including data exfiltration.
  • The increase of ransomware connected to nation-states. It’s not just individuals any more.
  • Why you may not get your data back, even if you pay the ransom.
  • Keep an eye out for these new ways that ransomware actors get into your network.

Topics Covered in The 437 Page Book

Why Ransomware's Exploded in Recent Years

How To Stop A Ransomware Attack in its Tracks

The Top Vulnerabilities Targeted by Ransomware

Surviving a Ransomware Attack with Minimal Damage

Should You Pay The Ransom?

Second Edition 2023 Update!

Watch: Author Allan Liska Discusses Anatomy of a Modern Ransomware Attack

10 Things This Book Will Teach You

Why Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is deadly
How they get you again: double and triple extortion
Are honeypots and honeyfiles truly effective against ransomware?
The necessity of tabletop exercises
The anatomy of a modern ransomware attack
How are the bad guys getting into your network?
How ransomware criminals use stolen credentials
The ways work-from-home has made you more vulnerable to ransomware
What should your initial ransomware attack response look like?
What effective threat hunting for ransomware looks like

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Praise for Ransomware: Understand.
Prevent. Recover

“A great reference for defenders and CISOs that want to understand really the ransomware problem.

This is absolutely a “must have” for any security professional (Blue Teams, CISOs) that wants to understand the ransomware problem, how the adversaries execute the intrusions and many techniques to counteract the attacks.”


– Reviewer

“ Alan Liska is ESPN of dark web.
Great book!”
– Customer
“Good practical advice for ransomware incidents.

“This book has very practical, actionable advice for preventing, preparing for and responding to ransomware events. Much better than the usual throwaway advice to have a backup.”
– Kindle Customer – Reviewer
“The materialization of ransomware can be avoided and the author explains to us what are the opportunities where this can be achieved.

Some books are essential. In the case of ransomware, Mr. Liska’s book is the industry’s reference”
– Reviewer

About Allan Liska

Senior Security Architect and Ransomware Specialist, Recorded Future

With more than 20 years of experience in ransomware and information security, Allan Liska has improved countless organizations’ security posture using more effective intelligence.

Liska provides ransomware-related counsel and key recommendations to major global corporations and government agencies, sitting on national ransomware task forces and speaking at global conferences. Liska has worked as both a security practitioner and an ethical hacker at Symantec, iSIGHT Partners, FireEye, and Recorded Future.

Regularly cited in The Washington Post, Bloomberg, The New York Times, and NBC News, he’s a leading voice in ransomware and intelligence security. Liska has authored numerous books, including “The Practice of Network Security,” “Building an Intelligence-Led Security Program,” “Securing NTP: A Quick-Start Guide,” “Ransomware: Defending Against Digital Extortion,” and “DNS Security: Defending the Domain Name System.”

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Understand. Prevent. Recover

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