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Many organizations pay ransomware criminals, while anecdotal evidence suggests an increasing number don’t. But until recently, the consensus was that the decision to pay or not pay should be left to the victim. Now it looks as if this choice might soon be taken away with the news that the Biden administration is considering banning […]

What’s the worst thing a ransomware attack can do to an organization? For a long time, the answer to that question was to encrypt large numbers of files so that the victim would have to choose between spending weeks reinstating data or paying the ransom as a shortcut. Around four years ago, attackers turned to […]

Should organizations extorted by ransomware gangs pay their attackers? It’s a question that­ cuts to the heart of ransomware response. Some take what might be viewed as a pragmatic stance and say there is no right or wrong answer, and organizations should be free to make their own decision.   On the other side is […]

Sponsored Post: Paul Kaspian, Product Marketing Leader & Security Evangelist | Zero Trust | ZTNA | SASE | SSE | Network Security | IoT and OT | XDR, Palo Alto Networks As the threat landscape continues to evolve and organizations embark on a variety of digital transformation projects, high levels of enterprise security have become increasingly elusive. […]

Ransomware is supposed to be about money, and only money. This view is backed by plenty of evidence. Almost without exception, ransomware attacks are commercial events rather than ones motivated by ideological or hacktivist aims. Despite this, every now and again exceptions pop up that counter this idea in ways that send ransomware analysts back […]

Sponsored Post: Ben Clark, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nasuni The ransomware threat isn’t fading away. Ransomware hit 66% of midsize organizations last year. Average payments jumped from $170,000 in 2020 to $812,000 in 2021. These are harrowing statistics, but not to our customers. Nasuni offers advanced ransomware protection designed to help organizations prevent, detect, respond […]

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