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Katherine Gorham

Katherine Gorham is a veteran IT writer and editor, with a focus on security issues.
Recent posts by Katherine Gorham

A flaw in SNMP on an older version of Cisco’s IOS has enabled the creation of malware significant enough to prompt government warning: US, UK warn of govt hackers using custom malware on Cisco routers. Sticking with the old firmware clearly leaves customers vulnerable to widely circulated malware. Cisco customers clearly need to upgrade, but […]

“What if everyone just stopped paying ransomware?” asked almost everyone, after more than a decade of governments and information security experts began begging them to ask that question. It turns out that things go badly for ransomware gangs when this happens. The article goes into some detail about economic trends in the ransomware space, and […]

Hundreds of thousands of technologists have been laid off in the United States alone over the past year—something that’s been noticed, of course, in other countries. In most cases, the companies laying tech workers off are simultaneously posting significant or even record profits, and this has led some frustrated individuals to weaponize ransomware against their […]

If either you personally, or the organization you work for, have VMware servers, stop reading this right now and go find out if they are fully patched. If they aren’t, do whatever is required to get them fully patched right now, and do not stop to do literally anything else until they are patched. Yes, […]

The LockBit ransomware operators have had a busy new year, with a notable attack on Britain’s Royal Mail that disrupted the postal service’s ability to send international letters and parcels: Royal Mail ransomware attackers threaten to publish stolen data. However, it seems that there are some targets LockBit feels should be off-limits. When LockBit’s ransomware […]

Even if you aren’t worried quite yet about the increasing ease of writing malware, you should probably be deeply, deeply concerned about the major credential and personally identifiable information (PII) thefts that have happened over the past year or so. Here are just a few: Getting access to networks is especially easy right now. There […]

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