The Economics of Ransomware Are Shifting


Katherine Gorham
March 14, 2023

The Economics of Ransomware Are Shifting

“What if everyone just stopped paying ransomware?” asked almost everyone, after more than a decade of governments and information security experts began begging them to ask that question. It turns out that things go badly for ransomware gangs when this happens. The article goes into some detail about economic trends in the ransomware space, and ties into the second of the podcasts listed later on.

In addition to victims starting to refuse to pay, it turns out that there are relatively few channels available for funneling the money. There is also this good news headline: US, UK slap sanctions on Russians linked to Conti, Ryuk, Trickbot malware. And more, as Norway seizes record $5.8 million of crypto stolen by North Korea.

As of right now, it’s uncertain how the cybercrime world is going to react to this, but we’re positive that it won’t take long to find out.

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