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Among software vulnerabilities, none is more feared than so-called “zero days,” which are known only to the attackers (that is, defenders have “zero days” to patch). These have traditionally been used sparingly in targeted attacks carried out by nation-states. Recently, however, this has started to change, and zero day exploits have started turning up more […]

There aren’t many certainties in cybercrime, but one that is often repeated is that malware is overwhelmingly a problem affecting computers running Microsoft Windows. This can sound like a statement of the obvious, but malware targets Windows because there are a lot more Windows computers to target—up to 80% of all desktops and laptops globally, […]

In November 2019, companies across the United States started receiving the following poorly written but still threatening email: In the past day we have come across data pertaining to company you work for: [company name]. Data contains all personal identifiable information for every employee that works for this company including yourself. Data was leaked around […]

Sponsored Post: Ben Clark, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nasuni A ransomware attack can be absolutely debilitating to a company. Fortunately for all stakeholders, new, better ransomware mitigation solutions are proving themselves in the field. Nasuni is one such example, providing integrated protection, detection and recovery of crucial enterprise files that allows users to return to productivity […]

Ferrari, the world-famous makers of elite sports cars, just suffered a significant data breach caused by ransomware. The news emerged in an apologetic letter sent in English to customers on March 20: “We regret to inform you of a cyber incident at Ferrari where a threat actor was able to access a limited number of […]

Sponsored Post: Joel Reich, Board Member, Nasuni The menace of ransomware is driving increased security spending, as organizations try to harden their systems against potential attacks. But ransomware is a new kind of threat. You can’t simply deploy tools to defend against the malware—you have to design your infrastructure for recovery. There are two reasons […]

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