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The most extraordinary week in ransomware history anyone can remember began on Feb. 19 with an historic takedown of the infrastructure used by notorious ransomware group, LockBit. Industry watchers were euphoric, almost giddily so. If anything, that might be understating it. Twitter-X was ablaze with congratulations, most of them aimed at Britain’s National Crime Agency […]

Sponsored Post: Nasuni. As we enter week four of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), it’s worth making the connection between ransomware and your overall business continuity strategy. Ransomware has been a scourge for years, but the attacks are only growing more sophisticated, capable of hitting multiple sites and bringing your entire organization to a halt. What’s […]

Sponsored Post: Nasuni. As we all know, it is very difficult to protect large file servers using traditional backup solutions. Organizations have been founded with the sole purpose to create a file system that automatically protects itself. They spend hours talking to customers about this new approach to file systems, UniFS®, and why it’s beneficial. […]

Initial Access Brokers: Who Are They? It’s not often that we get to peer deeply into the structure and organization of cybercrime, gaining insights beyond the superficial damage we witness. Our daily news feeds often include reports about hospitals being compromised, public transit systems disrupted, and power companies shutting down. But who is behind these […]

Sponsored Post: Nasuni. Ransomware is everywhere: According to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 73% of organizations have been the victim of a successful ransomware attack that resulted in financial loss, disrupted business operations, or other impacts (see Figure 1) within the past 12 months, and ransomware was involved in 25% of all breaches according to the […]

Sponsored Post: Palo Alto Networks. One of the most impactful cybersecurity strategies an organization can employ is the use of tabletop exercises. These simulated ‘what-if’ scenarios are not exclusive to the realm of cybersecurity. For example, coastal cities practice evacuation plans for potential storms, while police forces run drills in preparation for terrorist attacks. In […]

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