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22 March, 2023

Leaked Chats Provide a Look Behind the Curtain of Ransomware Negotiations

On Jan. 10, Britain’s Royal Mail was hit by a ransomware attack that will probably be used as an example in security conference slide presentations for years to come. On the surface, this w
John E. Dunn
20 March, 2023

Phishing Is Still Easy—and Effective

In the world of security oldies-but-goodies, nothing beats phishing. It’s a problem that goes back to the early days of the mass-online world. The term “phishing” dates back
Larry Seltzer
14 March, 2023

The Economics of Ransomware Are Shifting

“What if everyone just stopped paying ransomware?” asked almost everyone, after more than a decade of governments and information security experts began begging them to ask that question.
Katherine Gorham
10 March, 2023

Beware the Ire of Ex-employees

Hundreds of thousands of technologists have been laid off in the United States alone over the past year—something that’s been noticed, of course, in other countries. In most cases, the co
Katherine Gorham
07 March, 2023

Second Edition of Foundational Ransomware Book Released

When the first edition of “Ransomware: Understand. Prevent. Recover.” was released, it was groundbreaking. It quickly gained popularity, and became a go-to resource for admins, architects
Keith Ward
07 March, 2023

Patch Your VMware ESXi Servers—Now

If either you personally, or the organization you work for, have VMware servers, stop reading this right now and go find out if they are fully patched. If they aren’t, do whatever is requir
Katherine Gorham
14 February, 2023

The Danger of ‘Less Famous’ Ransomware

Not all ransomware directly attacks corporate networks. There is still plenty of it around that goes after home users, and the effects can be just as devastating, if not more so, than ransomw
Keith Ward
06 February, 2023

A Brief History of Ransomware

The history of ransomware, although not long, is certainly notable. And understanding a little of the history of this plague can provide insights that might help you better protect your organ
Keith Ward
25 January, 2023

For RaaS Groups, Are Ethics a Selling Point?

The LockBit ransomware operators have had a busy new year, with a notable attack on Britain’s Royal Mail that disrupted the postal service’s ability to send international letters and parc
Katherine Gorham
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