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A Cloud-Scale Platform that Helps in the Fight Against Ransomware

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Sponsored Post: Ben Clark, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nasuni

A ransomware attack can be absolutely debilitating to a company. Fortunately for all stakeholders, new, better ransomware mitigation solutions are proving themselves in the field. Nasuni is one such example, providing integrated protection, detection and recovery of crucial enterprise files that allows users to return to productivity without costly delays.

Nasuni offers continuous file protection in the cloud, real-time detection of ransomware attacks at the edge, and the ability to recover millions of files across all locations in mere minutes. In multiple PeerSpot reviews, real users of Nasuni discussed how they are reducing their data loss exposure and recovering from attacks smarter and faster than ever before.

How it Works: Comprehensive File Protection

Nasuni protects file data from attacks thanks to its Continuous File Versioning, which stores an unlimited number of immutable snapshots in low-cost, ultra-scalable cloud object storage. The complete versioned history of every file is maintained in the cloud, and Nasuni makes it easy to restore those previous versions through its cloud-native file system.

“We use Nasuni’s Continuous File Versioning feature and it fully protects us,” said a global business information security officer at a marketing services firm. He then stated, “With the ability to version files and have continuous recovery, it helps in terms of resiliency. If we have an incident, then we would be able to easily recover from it by using the technology.”

In the event of a ransomware attack, IT doesn’t have to move files or volumes. Instead, Nasuni enables you to point the file system back to previous, unencrypted versions of the impacted files.

This restores access to end users in little time, minimizes data movement, and gets the business up and running quickly. With regards to ransomware, PeerSpot reviews reveal three primary Nasuni advantages: the ability to restore back to any point in time; peace of mind; speedy recoveries; and operational simplicity.

Restore to Any Point in Time

A managing director of IT at a construction company noted how he enjoys the granularity of the snapshots, which occur about every 15 minutes. That means if there was a ransomware attack or another disaster, only the data in the cache on the local appliance would be affected. He explained: “The entire snapshot history of every file is backed up in the cloud. We can, on a file-by-file, directory-by-directory or volume basis, recover any or all files from that snapshot history back into the local appliance. And because these snapshots occur so frequently, we can recover data to a point very shortly before the time a person wants to recover that data (e.g., within 15 minutes of when whatever happened).”

An infrastructure architect at an energy/utilities company believes Continuous File Versioning is one of the platform’s best features because it helps you restore back to any point in time. He shared, “That means you don’t have to worry about a ransomware attack. Even if that attack happens, you can restore all the data to five minutes ago and save everything. That restore feature is the most valuable. You can restore in seconds.”

Confidence & Peace of Mind

Nasuni Continuous File Versioning benefits a construction company by giving the security team the confidence and ability to restore to a previous safe version in the event of a ransomware incident. As Josh Goldman, IT Infrastructure Manager at McLaren Construction, shared, “We are also confident that we would have the technical solution and support to ensure that we do not have a bad experience or a negative impact on our business.”

Similarly, Wayne B., a Senior Linux & Storage Administrator at a manufacturing company, feels that having Continuous File Versioning means a much faster recovery time from ransomware. He said, “Fortunately, we haven’t had any ransomware attacks since bringing up Nasuni, but in the cases where we’ve had to restore files for people, it’s so fast that we know that if there were a ransomware attack, it would be the same situation.” In addition, the feature has alleviated concerns in the organization about timely backups and restores. He added, “It’s given us more confidence that everything is protected.”

Speedy Recovery of Files

Nasuni allows users to quickly recover millions of files with laser precision across any number of sites to just moments before an attack. Since the file system is maintained in the cloud, and only frequently accessed data is cached locally, organizations don’t have to move large volumes of data to recover. Instead, IT can quickly point back to previous, unencrypted versions of files and restore access in minutes.

A senior IT network infrastructure engineer at a construction company relishes how this makes things much easier for his team and gives them one less thing to worry about. He commented, “With Continuous File Versioning, the way our data is backed up allows us to recover quickly if some of our data is compromised by a ransomware attack. We can simply revert back to a different point in time before that attack took place and make that data available to our end-users.”

The timing of the snapshots was also mentioned in a review by Pasquale Saccomano, Chief Information Officer at ISL Engineering. He remarked, “The risk of data loss due to a ransomware attack is significantly mitigated knowing we can restore our data to within 15 minutes of the last Nasuni snapshot.”

Ease of Operation

Multiple PeerSpot reviews cite the ease of operating the Nasuni solution as another advantage. A systems analyst at an outsourcing company said, “The fact that we can restore data within that five-minute window, after each snapshot, has been extremely helpful. The continuous file versioning also makes recovery of a deleted file a very straightforward process through the Nasuni Management Console.”

Get Peace of Mind

Ransomware is a major security challenge. A successful attack can be devastating to end users and the business as a whole, especially if your organization is susceptible to extended downtime and prolonged recoveries. This issue is now top-of-mind for IT, security, and executive leaders, and the risk of relying on a subpar solution has grown too great.

However, it is now possible to mitigate the ransomware threat to a great extent. As Nasuni’s success stories illustrate, organizations can still enjoy comprehensive data protection, rapid file recovery, and peace of mind in the era of ransomware.

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