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August 31, 2022
The 3 Principles of ‘Zero Trust’

In my last post, I explained what the zero trust model is, its three core objectives, and how it can prepare you for even the most unpredictable ransomware attacks. Today, let’s explore the three principles that fulfill those objectives.Inevitable BreachesAs I explained previously, the foundation of the zero trust model is the assumption that a […]

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August 30, 2022
Why Your Virtualization Environment Is a Target for Hackers

The threat of multiplatform ransomware has been growing over the last several years. The attackers’ motivation is pretty simple: they want to cause the most damage in your environment as quickly as possible, forcing you to pay a large ransom. And attacking multiple platforms is one way to do that.I want to focus on one […]

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August 29, 2022
How To Protect RDP from Ransomware: A Primer

In the era of cloud computing and the continuing trend of work-from-home employees, the ability to connect remotely to servers is central to being able to get almost anything done on a computer. This is often done through Remote Desktop Protocol, or RDP, which means in turn that knowing how to protect RDP has become […]

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August 25, 2022
How Honeyfiles and Honeypots Protect You from Ransomware

Honeyfiles and honeypots are becoming an increasingly important strategy against ransomware.  This is because ransomware attacks continue to surge, and new ways of extorting payments are constantly being developed. Because of this, honeypots and their close cousin, honeyfiles, help root out the bad guys before they compromise your network.A bit of history helps here. When […]

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August 25, 2022
Ransomware Gangs Value Some Data Types Over Others

While we still refer to them as ransomware attacks, such incidents are no longer just about encrypting the files of a targeted victim. Ransomware attacks today are about gaining leverage on someone using whatever means necessary to get paid.The principle of a double extortion strategy is simple. If the first extortion approach isn’t producing the […]

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August 24, 2022
Ransomware Group Claims It Was Target of ‘Revenge’ DDoS Attack by Victim

Someone out there in Internet-land is extremely angry with the LockBit ransomware group.So angry, in fact, that on the weekend of August 21 they decided to hit the group’s Tor leaks sites with a DDoS attack large enough to take them offline.It’s the sort of thing that probably happens all the time on the dark […]

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