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13 July, 2023

Why Ransomware Statistics Often Tell Only Half the Story

As the ransomware industry has expanded over the last decade, so have the number of sources attempting to track the phenomenon in all its financial and human horror. Today, keeping up with ei
John E. Dunn
10 July, 2023

How To Avoid Cybersecurity Whack-a-Mole

Sponsored Post: Nasuni The challenge that most organizations struggle with is keeping everything safe. Cybersecurity is like a game of whack-a-mole. You protect one thing, and the threat
Jason Patterson
06 July, 2023

As Ransomware Lawsuits Grow, Data Breaches Could Get Very Expensive

As every organization affected by ransomware eventually understands, the disruption caused by an attack is only the beginning of its problems. Next comes paying a lot of big bills. The first
John E. Dunn
05 July, 2023

5 Best Practices for Mitigating Ransomware

Sponsored Post: Palo Alto Ransomware is on the minds of IT executives and managers the world over. According to the National Cyber Security Center in 2022, ransomware is the biggest cybersecu
Henry Hernandez
29 June, 2023

In Another Sign of Ransomware’s Importance, Crime Bounties Reach $10 Million

By anyone’s standards, $10 million is a lot of money, more than the average citizen will spend or earn in a lifetime of work. How many ways might someone become the recipient of such a larg
John E. Dunn
22 June, 2023

Why the MOVEit Ransomware Attack Could Turn into a Slow-Motion Mega-Breach

Until early June, it’s likely that the only people who’d heard of Progress Software’s MOVEit file transfer platform were people working in IT departments. Then news emerged that the pla
John E. Dunn
15 June, 2023

Ransomware Attacks on U.S. Cities Keep Coming—What Long-Term Damage Is This Doing?

On May 17, the city of Augusta, Georgia, published a public information tweet of a type that’s becoming increasingly familiar to citizens across the United States: “The City is currently
John E. Dunn
15 June, 2023

Prisma Access Outperforms Against Cobalt Strike Attacks

Sponsored Post: Palo Alto The ever-evolving threat landscape makes it challenging for organizations to be confident in their security posture. In fact, we have seen a 100% year-over-year
Anupam Upadhyaya
08 June, 2023

IT Admin Found Guilty of Hijacking a Ransomware Attack To Extort His Own Company

In cybersecurity circles, there’s a threat that’s sufficiently feared in which examples of it have on occasion acquired the status of professional legends—the possibility of a lone, rog
John E. Dunn
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