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Henry Hernandez

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Sponsored Post: Palo Alto Ransomware. This single word is foremost in the mind of so many IT managers the world over, and for good reason. According to the 2022 IBM cost of a Data Breach Report, the average cost of a ransomware breach was $4.54 million in 2022, and that doesn’t include the cost of […]

Sponsored Post: Palo Alto Ransomware is on the minds of IT executives and managers the world over. According to the National Cyber Security Center in 2022, ransomware is the biggest cybersecurity threat facing the world today. Unfortunately, there isn’t any one security tool by itself that can prevent such attacks. That’s because network architectures and […]

Sponsored Post: Palo Alto Maybe its folklore, but evidently there was a time when people could leave their doors unlocked and feel safe. If indeed that was the case, it’s a bygone era for most people today. Threats aren’t just in someone else’s backyard anymore. They can be anywhere. That’s the same realization that enterprise […]

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