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23 October, 2023

You Just Got Ransomware, What’s Next?

Sponsored Post: Palo Alto Networks. One of the most impactful cybersecurity strategies an organization can employ is the use of tabletop exercises. These simulated ‘what-if’ scena
Brad Rudisail
23 October, 2023

Backup is Broken

Sponsored Post: Nasuni. File backup is broken and no one is talking about it. The most recent uptick in ransomware attacks has exposed a fallacy that the industry has been supporting and re-e
Andres Rodriguez
19 October, 2023

If Ransomware Is Pushing More Companies over the Edge, Who Is Next?

Readers of this blog won’t be surprised by the idea that there’s a lot of ransomware out and about these days. Exactly how much depends on which source is used as a reference point, but p
John E. Dunn
16 October, 2023

5 Essential Features of an Effective Ransomware Recovery Solution

Sponsored Post: Nasuni. Ransomware attacks are on the rise this year. In the past, one of our customers would suffer an attack every few months. Now two or three customers might be hit in a s
Barrie Kuza
12 October, 2023

FBI Issues Warning on Dual Ransomware Attacks

In late September, the FBI sent a private industry notification warning organizations about a disturbing new dual ransomware attack trend: victims being hit by two or more ransomware strains
John E. Dunn
11 October, 2023

The Unstructured File Data Gold Mine

Sponsored Post: Jim Liddle – VP Access Anywhere | Nasuni When people in the technology industry talk about big data, they are typically referring to structured data. If you swipe or tap
Jim Liddle
10 October, 2023

MGM Resorts Hit by Ransomware Attack—How Proper Ransomware Protection Strategies Can Tip the Odds in Your Favor

Sponsored Post: Larry Miller | Nasuni MGM Resorts International, which operates more than 30 hotel and casino properties worldwide (including, among others, the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, and Co
Larry Miller
05 October, 2023

Has Sony Been Hit with Ransomware Again?

On Sept. 25, 2023, an obscure cybercriminal group called RansomedVC made the startling claim that it had “successfully compromised all of Sony Systems.” The world sat up at what appeared
John E. Dunn
28 September, 2023

The Scattered Spider Ransomware Group’s Secret Weapons? Social Engineering and Fluent English

In a matter of weeks, a ransomware group with the unusual name “Scattered Spider” has become the hot threat group of the moment. Also known as “UNC3944,” “Scatter Swine,” and “M
John E. Dunn
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