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13 November, 2023

What Backup Vendors Don’t Want You To Know

Sponsored Post: Nasuni. As we all know, it is very difficult to protect large file servers using traditional backup solutions. Organizations have been founded with the sole purpose to create
Andres Rodriguez
09 November, 2023

Banning Ransomware Payments by Governments

Imagine a world where ransomware victims across the globe simply refused to pay their attackers. In theory, the attackers would quickly realize their extortion business model no longer made a
John E. Dunn
02 November, 2023

Ransomware Attacks Continue to Prey on Common Weaknesses

Spend any time studying official cyberattack disclosures and two words that crop up with striking regularity are “sophisticated” and “targeted.” Every attack is said to be sophisticat
John E. Dunn
01 November, 2023

Initial Access Brokers—Everything You Need To Know

Initial Access Brokers: Who Are They? It’s not often that we get to peer deeply into the structure and organization of cybercrime, gaining insights beyond the superficial damage we witn
Paris Evangelou
30 October, 2023

Gone … and Back Again in 60 Seconds (or Less)

Sponsored Post: Nasuni. Ransomware is everywhere: According to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 73% of organizations have been the victim of a successful ransomware attack that resulted in fi
23 October, 2023

You Just Got Ransomware, What’s Next?

Sponsored Post: Palo Alto Networks. One of the most impactful cybersecurity strategies an organization can employ is the use of tabletop exercises. These simulated ‘what-if’ scena
Brad Rudisail
23 October, 2023

Backup is Broken

Sponsored Post: Nasuni. File backup is broken and no one is talking about it. The most recent uptick in ransomware attacks has exposed a fallacy that the industry has been supporting and re-e
Andres Rodriguez
19 October, 2023

If Ransomware Is Pushing More Companies over the Edge, Who Is Next?

Readers of this blog won’t be surprised by the idea that there’s a lot of ransomware out and about these days. Exactly how much depends on which source is used as a reference point, but p
John E. Dunn
16 October, 2023

5 Essential Features of an Effective Ransomware Recovery Solution

Sponsored Post: Nasuni. Ransomware attacks are on the rise this year. In the past, one of our customers would suffer an attack every few months. Now two or three customers might be hit in a s
Barrie Kuza
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