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Brad Rudisail

Brad Rudisail is a technical writer specializing in delivering complex technical subjects in a palatable format to tech-savvy business leaders. His understanding of technology comes from 20-plus years in the IT field as a network engineer, IT manager, and instructor.
Recent posts by Brad Rudisail

Let’s say you report to work today and find out that all your critical data repositories have been encrypted by a ransomware attack. A hefty ransomware note is prominently displayed on all your computer monitors. Let’s review your options. Victim Option 1 You could pay the ransom. If you have a cybersecurity insurance policy, a […]

There is no doubt that the reset option for computing devices has changed has proved a game changer. It’s the chance to start over once again with a clean slate. For enterprises that manage their Windows devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM), you can simply reset the device and let MEM reinstall the applications automatically […]

There’s a perceived notion that Linux is more secure than Windows when it comes to ransomware and other types of malware. But “safer by default” doesn’t mean safe out of the box. You still must harden the Linux surface and take the proper security measures, much like you do Windows. In fact, whether it’s a […]

Ransomware gangs are doing something right now that is standard procedure for most businesses: expanding their customer base. These aren’t willing customers, however–ransomware organizations are branching out from Windows machines to include Linux as well. Not only does this enlarge their potential target base, but it may improve their profit margins, as Linux servers often […]

Statistics can be misleading, because they often only tell a part of the story. For instance, it is a fact that there are far fewer traffic fatalities involving Aston Martin owners than there are those who drive a Toyota Camry. At first glance, one could demise that Aston Martin automobiles are safer, or their owners […]

Despite the seismic transition to cloud computing, 90% of Global Fortune 1,000 companies still rely on on-premises Active Directory (AD) for authentication and access management. While startup companies today have the option to go cloud-native, the AD domain controller is still a staple component throughout SMB enterprises. The ubiquitous presence of AD is one of […]

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