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Superna Eyeglass Ransomware Defender

Provides User Behavior Analytics to detect and halt a Ransomware attack on business critical data stored on Dell EMC Isilon storage arrays

About Superna

"Superna is a global leader in Managing, Protecting and Securing unstructured data. Superna operates in 5 countries and has over 2600 customers in all verticals that depend on our scalable simple and easy to use products to protect and secure billions of files stored on Scale out NAS. Founded in 2003, Superna has years of experience in Enterprise Data Center solutions. Superna Eyeglass® Ransomware Defender is a highly scalable, real-time event processing solution that employs user behavior analytics to detect and halt a ransomware attack. By monitoring user file system accesses, Ransomware Defender detects changes to users’ normal data access patterns; when administrator-defined thresholds are met, Ransomware Defender can take defensive action to prevent major damage and minimize the recovery time."

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