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Core Solution

Cloud Range’s core solution, FlexRange™ Cyber Range and Simulation Training is a full-service program of immersive, simulation-based training missions and lab exercises. FlexRange is for customers who want to ensure they have an ongoing and consistent program for their SOC/CSIRT/DFIR teams that ensures preparedness for the most complex cyber attacks.

It includes:
• Live-Fire Team Training (Blue/Red/Purple)
• Instructor-Led Sessions and Open Range Sessions
• Safe Enterprise Network Environment
• Industry-Leading Security Products
• Skill Development Labs
• Performance Portal™ (LMS)
• Learning Plans
• RESULTS- Deliverables & Reporting

About Cloud Range

Cloud Range, is (according to the Vendor) "the world’s leading cyber range-as-a-service, measurably decreases cybersecurity exposure and overcomes the staggering cyber skills gap by proactively preparing cybersecurity operations teams to defend against complex attacks through a customized simulation-based cyber attack training program". Their full-service cyber simulation training and assessment platform includes customizable, cloud-based cyber ranges; live-fire team simulations; red, blue, and purple team and CTF exercises; 1,500+ individual skill development labs; advanced tabletop exercises; hiring assessments; IT and OT environments; and detailed reporting and analysis.

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