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Data protection and encryption that ensures files can only be opened by the intended person.

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"Anchor is a lightweight solution that enforces zero-trust security at the application layer, based on the user, their role, and the context in which they’re trying to access data. It continues to protect and work with files that have been shared or stolen outside an organization's network just as well as it works inside. Anchor facilitates remote work and collaboration across the internet while maintaining strong protection against unauthorized data access.Anchor helps protect and control sensitive data for the world’s most information-critical industries such as:Defense Contracting: Department of Defense trusts Anchor to protect the most sensitive files.Manufacturing: Anchor protects the intellectual property they depend on from CAD, CAM, BIM, product, process, and more.Consulting Services: Anchor provides a secure collaboration for you, your clients, and your partners so each organization maintains absolute control over how, when, and under what circumstances their data is used."

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