We Want Your Ransomware Stories!


Keith Ward
June 24, 2022

We Want Your Ransomware Stories!

I’m a private pilot (although dormant), and used to own my own little plane. It was a fun hobby, until I moved, my mortgage doubled, and I decided I couldn’t afford to own a plane anymore.

I still love aviation, and in fact am in the process of building a decent setup to use Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, so I can still be involved in it without going, you know, bankrupt.

Back when I was flying, one of my favorite columns in my primary flying magazine was called “I Learned About Flying From That.” In it, pilots detailed things that went wrong in their planes, and how they became better pilots from it. I learned a lot from their stories.

What does any of that have to do with ransomware? Well, a lot, actually. At ransomware.org, we’d like to do something similar. We want to hear your stories of ransomware attacks you’ve experienced, and how you dealt with them. That way, others can learn from your tales of woe.

This is your chance to help others out with your own “lessons learned.” If you’ve been assaulted by ransomware, let us know the details, including specifics like: How did the attack happen? How long was it before you were aware of it? How did you react? Did you pay the ransom or not? These are the kinds of questions we’d like you to answer.

We will of course provide complete anonymity to anyone who requests it. But your real-world experiences with this scourge can help many, many others. Tell us what went right—and wrong—with your response to a ransomware attack.

This can be in the form of an article that you provide, or we can reach out to you and ask you questions about your experience—whatever works for you. If you’d like to (anonymously) share your tale with us, we’d love to hear from you! If you’re up for that, send me an email, with the subject line: My Ransomware Attack. My address is my first name, Keith, followed by @actualtechmedia.com. I’m happy talk with you if you’d rather not write an article. Or if you want some help with the writing or have other questions, please ask away.

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