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When it comes to ransomware, the more resources you have, the better protected you are. But not all resources are created equal—a comprehensive ransomware resource will balance content accessibility and true, timely, and accurate information. is one such resource. It presents information in a clear and concise format while making navigation and resources easy to find.

Discovering the Basics

The home page gives visitors instant access to the basics of ransomware. At a glance, you can quickly discover what ransomware is and its origins.

  • Learn how to prevent or remove ransomware from your personal or business life
  • Gain access to helpful resources to help you prevent or recover from an attack
  • Review tools that can help prevent or clean ransomware issues

Placing these center stage enables you to quickly review topics of concern without having to spend time navigating or searching for relevant content.

Staying in the Know

Like any technology topic, ransomware is a subject that evolves quickly. Having regular updates about key ransomware topics helps you stay ahead of would-be attackers. These topics should include the following, to cover all the bases:

  • Coverage of breaking news events, such as attacks against large businesses or government agencies.
  • Detailed analysis of new or emerging threats, such as newly targeted operating systems or new ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) tools.
  • Updates in planning to respond to changes in attack modalities.

The blog content on is easily found on the main page, providing the news and innovation reporting needed to change your prevention strategy to better align with the evolution of ransomware attackers.

Using the 2022 Ransomware Report

Every ransomware prevention or mitigation strategy requires a baseline that serves as the foundation for every step you take. has conducted a survey of more than 500 IT professionals to assess the overall impact and concerns regarding ransomware in 2022.

This presents IT organizations and security professionals with real-world data that demonstrates how their peers are viewing and preventing ransomware threats.

The report link is prominently displayed on the main page. It includes code to allow for easy sharing or  adding to your own web pages. This helps spread the word and to cut off easy attack vectors for ransomware threat groups.

Partners and Solutions

When it comes to ransomware, sometimes what you need is not education, but rather immediate help and solutions. is building partnerships with key security vendors to deliver improved content and professional resources to the community at large.

This is done via that Solutions Directory, which can be both searched and filtered, enabling you to fine- tune results to your unique specifications. This directory will continue to become more robust, with each new entry making a more complete resource.

As you can see, is truly a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for education, information, and solutions for dealing with the scourge of ransomware. Consider bookmarking the site, so you can find it easily. Using it often will help you stay ahead of the Bad Guys, keeping your organization safer from ransomware—and if the worst does happen and you suffer a successful attack, you’ll be better able to recover and restore operations without crippling losses.

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