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An odd characteristic of cybercrime is that it’s almost always disembodied. Crimes are perpetrated by someone out there but precisely who is only rarely made clear. This mystery can confuse victims. The history of crime is a long one but until recently it was a much more human-to-human affair, conducted in person. This didn’t make […]

Sponsored Post: Nick Lowe, CrowdStrike Director, Falcon OverWatch. Organizations of every vertical, size, and location can be targeted with a ransomware attack. Here’s what you need to know about how these threats are evolving. Ransomware activity continues to grow and evolve each year, putting all organizations at heightened risk of an attack. Security teams, the protectors of the […]

Honeyfiles and honeypots are becoming an increasingly important strategy against ransomware.   This is because ransomware attacks continue to surge, and new ways of extorting payments are constantly being developed. Because of this, honeypots and their close cousin, honeyfiles, help root out the bad guys before they compromise your network. A bit of history helps […]

Sponsored Post: Nick Hayes, CrowdStrike Senior Product Marketing Manager. We’ve all seen the devastating impact adversaries and ransomware attacks can have on organizations—taking down critical systems and operations, holding strategic data and intellectual property (IP) hostage, and straining relationships with key partners, investors and customers. These attacks are becoming increasingly common along with the repercussions: […]

Buying cyberinsurance in case of a ransomware attack is a common action for organizations. But will the very fact you’ve taken that step make you more vulnerable to attack? That may have been the case with Wootton Upper School in Bedfordshire, England. The Hive Ransomware Group has successfully hacked the school and threatened to exfiltrate private […]

Sponsored Post: By CrowdStrike – Ryan Hunt, CrowdStrike OverWatch Senior Intrusion Researcher Ransomware is a term that evokes fear in many—and with good reason. CrowdStrike’s Falcon OverWatch™ threat hunters continue to see increasing numbers of hands-on-keyboard intrusions, with eCrime adversaries representing the most prominent threat type. Opportunistic cybercriminals await any opportunity to leverage your data against […]

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