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Keith Ward

Keith Ward is Editorial Director at ActualTech Media.
Recent posts by Keith Ward

A series of ransomware attacks against Costa Rican national infrastructure has prompted the country’s new president to declare a national emergency. First reported by BleepingComputer, the president, Rodrigo Chaves, made the declaration on May 8, the same day he took office. The attacks have been allegedly carried out by the Conti ransomware group, currently viewed […]

They’re baaaccckkkk. The notorious ransomware gang REvil has popped up on the radar again, after a rough early 2022 that saw multiple members arrested by authorities. Regular ransomware watchers will remember REvil’s heyday, which wasn’t that long ago. In a previous article, highlighted their greatest hits, featuring the most famous ransomware attack of all. […]

The numbers are in, and they’re clear: if you work for the government, you’d better be wary, because you’re the No. 1 target for ransomware thieves. That’s according to data from Statista. The information is the latest available, from last November. It shows that government was the industry most likely to be hit by a […]

 Why does ransomware remain stubbornly popular? One reason is incredibly obvious, and you’ve no doubt thought of it already. Another reason is more subtle, but no less important.That’s the takeaway from this old-ish (in Internet terms, that means late October 2021) blog from incident response company Coveware. It was in their quarterly report, and when […]

Public entities in North Carolina are prohibited from paying a ransom demand following an attack, an idea that may be spreading to other U.S. states. According to an article in the National Law Review, the law goes even further than that, barring any communications with a ransomware actor following an attack. The ban applies broadly […]

Often in the ransomware world, the oldest, most common methods of hacking an organization remain the most effective. That includes social engineering, which, although some feel is less effective now that there’s much more widespread knowledge about it, remains a key way to infiltrate a target. Social engineering involves convincing people into giving up valuable […]

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