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Brad Rudisail

Brad Rudisail is a technical writer specializing in delivering complex technical subjects in a palatable format to tech-savvy business leaders. His understanding of technology comes from 20-plus years in the IT field as a network engineer, IT manager, and instructor.
Recent posts by Brad Rudisail

Contemplating payment in lieu of a ransomware attack is a precarious decision at best. It’s a problematic situation with few options. In a previous article we outlined the reasons why you may want to pay a ransom to decrypt your data. However, while paying the ransom is a tempting option that can certainly bail you […]

It was just over a year ago that Colonial Pipeline was brought down with a devastating ransomware attack. Within 24 hours of discovering the ransom note, CEO Joseph Blount made the decision to pay $4.4 million to the perpetrators. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Blount said that the although the decision was […]

Ransomware is a hot topic in IT circles today that solicits hypothetical questions such as, should you pay the ransom? It’s a question that creates interesting fodder, and one that’s answered a lot easier in theory versus reality. If your entire network is locked up in an encrypted state, the get-out-of-jail transaction of paying the […]

It’s a standard military tactic for an army to keep uncommitted troops in reserve behind the front lines to make them available for unforeseen situations or exploitable opportunities. In some instance they serve as a last line of defense should those units be asked to hold the line at all costs. When battling ransomware, that […]

Imagine you’re the enterprise admin for your company and your CIO has just informed you that a new application server is needed for the HR department. So, what do you do? Create a new virtual server, of course—it’s automatic today. Within a 15-year period, enterprises have abandoned the practice of purchasing bare metal servers and […]

When formulating a strategy to protect your enterprise against ransomware, it’s critical to shore up your backup system defenses. Backups don’t often get the respect they deserve, yet they are the white knight that often comes in to save the day after a ransomware attack has laid waste to your data. That’s why your backup […]

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