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In my previous overview of the topic, I likened ransomware tabletop exercises to an IT version of Dungeons & Dragons. If the idea of role-playing pretend scenarios sounds childish, think again; in fact, it should be a key part of your wider disaster recovery (DR) strategy. 1. No Environment To Stand Up Traditional DR testing […]

Not only is there a growing rogue’s gallery of ransomware variants, but the tricks they use to strike a victim are growing in variety as well. Malicious URLs Tricking a victim to click a malicious URL is the classic phishing method. The trick is simple: Send the victim an email that lures them into clicking […]

Windows servers and clients are by far the No. 1 operating systems targeted by ransomware, and the attacks are only growing in sophistication, often attacking servers via Remote Desktop Protocol and Active Directory services. This guide will teach you the signs to watch for in order to possibly catch a ransomware attack before it happens. […]

Though Windows has by far been the most popular target, ransomware is steadily on the rise while spreading to additional platforms. Likelihood of Attack by OS A recent Statista study shows that while 91% of attacks still target Windows, 7% now target Apple’s MacOS X. Mobile devices are no longer safe either, with 7% targeting […]

Ransomware has grown into a category unto itself, and the variety will only continue growing. Let’s look at some common strains and how to deal with them. The Most Common Variants Encryptors, a.k.a. crypto ransomware, are what likely come to mind when you think of ransomware. This classic variant encrypts files on your system, then […]

Working remotely is a trend here to stay, and many remote workers rely on Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect to office computers. Attackers have taken note. A Hot Target in the Remote Work Era The 2020 pandemic changed the way we work by revealing how easily, efficiently, and productively many people can work from […]

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