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Jason Hall

With more than 20 years in technology roles, including network administration, database administration, software engineering, and strategic leadership, Jason brings cross-functional perspective to technical subject areas in business. Jason’s passions for technology, leadership, and people are focused on improving quality of life for data professionals and business performance for their customers.
Recent posts by Jason Hall

According to the US Justice Department, more than 4,000 ransomware attacks happen daily, on average, in the US alone. Most of them don’t make the news. Many attacks are quietly paid off, and the businesses who fall victim often keep it under wraps. Cyber-criminals are counting on that, as they want victims to pay up […]

Data stewardship is a component of data governance. If you think of governance as a strategic and formal process, you can think of stewardship as a tactical and social construct in support of governance. Practicing good data stewardship prepares an organization to recover efficiently from a ransomware attack. Stewardship embeds standards and best practices into […]

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