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Edge Networks’ mission is to enhance their customers’ cyber resiliency through simplified cybersecurity. Whether through proactive threat monitoring, sophisticated XDR frameworks, or empowering your team with security awareness training, they are committed to streamlining your cybersecurity journey.

StorageGuard checks the security configuration of your storage and backup systems, to ensure they’re hardened and compliant with security regulations & industry standards.

“The existing approach to ransomware protection involves detecting malicious software through behavior patterns or signatures and then responding to it. However, this approach fails to prevent ransomware attacks on enterprise infrastructure proactively. To effectively combat malware, adopting a zero-trust policy for core systems is essential, permitting only approved software that is cryptographically signed and implementing application whitelisting on the operating system. The use case document offers insights on digital signature-based application whitelisting and its efficacy in preventing ransomware attacks.”

Tests your systems to discover possible vulnerabilities. Designs a custom system to meet your needs and requirements while ensuring that it is protected against potential threats and vulnerabilities. All while following government regulations.

Protects hardware, firmware, and software components in your enterprise IT infrastructure. Ransomware groups target firmware in network appliances, servers, and endpoints for initial access, persistence, and to evade EDR. Eclypsium provides security teams with the inventory, vulnerability management and patching, and threat detection that they need to protect that below-the-OS attack surface.

Strategic penetration testing that provides full control and visibility, reveals patterns and deficiencies in your security program, enables organizations to improve overall security posture and provides executive-level reporting for the leadership and the board of directors.

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