Cortex XSIAM is the automation-first platform for the modern SOC, harnessing the power of machine intelligence to radically improve security outcomes and transform security operations.  XSIAM customers can consolidate multiple products into a single, coherent platform, cutting costs, improving analyst experience and productivity.
XSIAM unifies best-in-class functions, including EDR, XDR, SOAR, ASM, UBA, TIP, and SIEM. Using a security-specific data model and applying machine learning, XSIAM automates data integration, analysis, and triage to respond to most alerts, enabling analysts to focus on the incidents that require human intervention.

Palo Alto Networks Cortex® Xpanse™ is an Active Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution that helps organizations actively discover, learn about and respond to unknown risks in all connected systems and exposed services. Security teams can proactively find and automatically fix their attack surface exposures with Active ASM from Xpanse. Xpanse protects the U.S. Department of Defense, all six branches of the U.S. military, several federal agencies, and large enterprises like Accenture, AT&T, American Express, AIG, Pfizer, and over 200 others. To learn more about how you can secure your attack surface, visit Cortex Xpanse.

This solution safeguards your data against internal and external threats.

Enterprise-grade multi-factor authentication with centralized administration and a mobile app.

Automatically identify hosts by going through logs looking for anomalies. Focused on Azure.

Next Generation Firewall Services.

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