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On Oct. 17, a triumphant message suddenly appeared on the official dark web leak page of the Trigona ransomware group. Later copied to X (formerly Twitter) by a group calling itself the Ukrainian Cyber Alliance, it read as follows: “Trigona is gone! The servers of the Trigona ransomware gang has been exfiltrated and wiped out.” […]

The problem with using averages to project the damage caused by ransomware is that they tend to make us forget about the sizable number that fall outside this band. Downtime—how long it takes to recover from an attack—is an interesting case in point. Data company Statista estimates the average downtime after a ransomware attack against […]

Every ransomware attack that has ever happened exploits a fundamental advantage cybercriminals have over defenders—time. Clock 1: Dwell Time Three clocks are at work here. The first starts ticking from the moment of an initial compromise and stops at the second of ransomware execution. In cybersecurity parlance, this is known as the dwell time, or […]

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