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Sponsored Post: Nasuni The greater the leverage, the greater the chance a ransomware attack will prove successful. An attacker gains leverage in two ways. The first is reach. The more operational services that can be disrupted, the more power. The second is financial risk. Every minute that a company is down represents a minute of […]

Many organizations pay ransomware criminals, while anecdotal evidence suggests an increasing number don’t. But until recently, the consensus was that the decision to pay or not pay should be left to the victim. Now it looks as if this choice might soon be taken away with the news that the Biden administration is considering banning […]

What’s the worst thing a ransomware attack can do to an organization? For a long time, the answer to that question was to encrypt large numbers of files so that the victim would have to choose between spending weeks reinstating data or paying the ransom as a shortcut. Around four years ago, attackers turned to […]

Among software vulnerabilities, none is more feared than so-called “zero days,” which are known only to the attackers (that is, defenders have “zero days” to patch). These have traditionally been used sparingly in targeted attacks carried out by nation-states. Recently, however, this has started to change, and zero day exploits have started turning up more […]

Sponsored Post: Nasuni Ransomware is a term that strikes fear in the minds of many CIOs and Technology Directors. While not a death sentence, it can certainly seem so as downtime turns from minutes, into hours or even days. During that time, operations grind to a complete stop or at least slow down as digital […]

Should organizations extorted by ransomware gangs pay their attackers? It’s a question that­ cuts to the heart of ransomware response. Some take what might be viewed as a pragmatic stance and say there is no right or wrong answer, and organizations should be free to make their own decision.   On the other side is […]

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