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Category: Ransomware Articles

The most extraordinary week in ransomware history anyone can remember began on Feb. 19 with an historic takedown of the infrastructure used by notorious ransomware group, LockBit. Industry watchers were euphoric, almost giddily so. If anything, that might be understating it. Twitter-X was ablaze with congratulations, most of them aimed at Britain’s National Crime Agency […]

The 1980s brutalism of the British Library in London has been likened to an unwelcoming fortress, and yet the intimidating appearance was no help when ransomware attackers decided to pay it a visit last October. In what is turning out to be one of the worst incidents ever to hit a public U.K. organization, over […]

Has the digital reign of terror from the world’s second most active ransomware group, ALPHV (BlackCat), come to an end, or hasn’t it? If you ask the coalition of global police forces that recently seized its infrastructure, you’ll get a clear yes in answer to that question. The first sign that ALPHV was in trouble […]

One of the most unexpected trends of recent years is the way ransomware has turned high-impact cybercrime incidents into a public spectacle. For ransomware criminals, the more public the better. Extra publicity equals more embarrassment for the victim, which even if it doesn’t result in a ransom being paid serves as a warning to future […]

In the relatively short history of ransomware crime, very few of the professional criminals behind these attacks have ever been brought to justice. So many crimes, so few arrests, and there’s no mystery as to why: Ransomware criminals typically operate from countries with weak or no laws against what they do, and sometimes (stand up, […]

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” said philosopher George Santayana in one of the most widely quoted aphorisms of the 20th century. According to a report from security company Sophos covering global customer data from the first half of 2023, a similar principle is applicable in many cyberattacks, especially those […]

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